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     U. S. Pat. No. 8,088,010           HILL            Issued Jan. 3, 2012
     U. S. Pat. No. 8,152,641           HILL            Issued April 10, 2012 

"PURCHASE and/or Exclusive Global Licenses are Available"

Internet Gaming Services International, ("IGSI"), is a closed Nevada corporation.  IGSI's business is to pursue the development, filing, processing and issuance of patents to "IGSI" by the USPTO and/or the patent offices of member PCT Countries.  The focus of IGSI's patents is to capture and broadcast the play of live casino card games, (played by real people, during real-time, in a real land based casino, ("LBC").  Whereas, the play of the live casino card games is captured by CCTV cameras, and other electronic means, and broadcast LIVE or ON-DEMAND, for play by remote online casino customers.

The future of online casino card games will be the establishment of a BtoB relationships between online casino software developers, ("OCSD"), and/or online casino operators, ("OCO"), with land based casinos located throughout the world.

BIG BRAND "LBC" will rovide the host "OCO" with the real-time play of casino card games, ("the game content"), captured in the host "LBC".  The host "OCO" will broadcast "the game content", LIVE and/or ON-DEMAND, by wired or wireless means to their online casino customers who desire to wager on games of chance online. 

The IGSI Patents are designed to provide the most cost effective means available to capture the live play, (video, sensory and/or game play data), of casino card games played in a real bricks-and-mortar casino, by real people during real-time. Whereas, the captured play of the live game(s) may be digitally recorded and electronically transferred to one or more servers strategically located around the world; thereby enabling remote online casino players to access these games for play, during real-time or on-demand, (using a PC, mobile device, or etc.), from any gaming jurisdiction in the world where online casinos offering CASH games are legal and regulated.

The IGSI Patents provides at least one method that is unique to each type of casino card game, (i.e. Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker), played in a real casino by real people; whereas each of these games can be broadcast "live" or "on demand" to Remote Players who have selected the host online casino for his/her play session.  

The advantages of the IGSI platform over similar platforms currently being offered by some of the major online casino operators will be more than significant.
Although, the focus of the invention is to capture and broadcast the play of casino card games played by real people during real-time, the concept may also include all casino table games.  Many features of  the IGSI patents can also be integrated with computer generated, (Virtual), casino card games.  IGSI is currently processing a U. S. Patent Application with a unique design for a "Remote Players User Interface" which will revolutionize the way Baccarat games are played online.

The details of the invention are described in the specifications of the above U. S. '010 and '641 patents. The specifications of both patents are almost identical. The Claims are different.   The IGSI patents are  are defendible. 

Ultimately, online casino software developers, licensed to use the technology and teachings of the IGSI patents, will be able to provide the best means for associated   land based casinos to capture and record, during real-time,  the gamedata generated from the live play of one or more casino card games played in a real land based casino, ("LBC"). The development, operational and marketing costs of LIVE and ON-DEMAND casino card games, using IGSI's concepts, will be considerably lower than the cost of other "OCSD" who develop and market LIVE DEALER GAMES to remote players online.

RP's logging into a online casino site that offers casino card games, developed using IGSI's technology and design(s), will be able to interact with and wager, during real-time and/or on-demand, and enjoy games that will provide the RP's with unprecedented confidence in the INTEGRITY of the games played; and the most realistic, exciting and entertaining online casino experience available anywhere.

The IGSI patents provide the foundation, and the know-how, that will enable online casino software developers and operators to build online casino websites that can, with the global legalization of online casinos, quickly become the most popular and profitable of all online casinos offering CASH PLAY casino card games.

IGSI's issued and pending U. S. Patents; and IGSI entering IGSI's PCT Application No. _ PCT/OS04/025541 into the "National Phase" in key PCT Countries will allow any online casino software developer to significantly improve it's online software for ALL casino card games; Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and etc.

PCT Application No. _ PCT/OS04/025541 ONLINE GAMING WITH REAL-WORLD DATA , based on IGSI's issued U. S. Patent 8,152,641, has been entered into the "National Phase" in those PCT countries listed immediately below:

                AG    Antigua and Barbuda
                AU    Australia
                CN    China
                EPO  Europe (38 Countries)
                HK0  Hong Kong
                MO    Macau  
                PH    Philippines
                SG    Singapore
                US    United States (Will be used to enhance the original  
                        Claims by means of filing one or more CIPs.)
                ZA    South Africa

FYI: Mr. HILL is also the inventor of several other casino related patents: 

               U. S. Patent Number                         Issue Date

               7,699,694                                          April 20, 2010

               6,582,301                                          June 24, 2003

               Des. 432,589                                     Oct. 24, 2000

               6,039,650                                          Mar. 21, 2000

               6,299,536                                          Oct. 9, 2001

               5,722,893                                          Mar. 3, 1998 


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