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Internet Gaming Services International, ("IGSI"), is a closed Nevada corporation.  IGSI's business is to create and patent unique and innovative hardware and software products, specific to enhancing the security of casino table games operated by legally licensed Land Based Casinos, ("LBCs"), and Online Casino Operators, ("OCOs").  Ultimately, any patents issued to IGSI are Licensed or Sold to  LBC or OCOs.

                                           ISSUED PATENTS


U.S. Patents:            Filed                            Issued                            Inventor 

8,088,010               July   1, 2011          Jan.   3, 2012             HILL
8,152,641               Jan. 28, 2011          Apr. 10, 2012             HILL


Foreign Patents:     Filed                            Issued                            Inventor 

SINGAPORE Patent Application # 201209623-6   Grant Fees paid Jul. 1, 2015
                                    Feb. 18, 2011             Pending "IPOS"             HILL

PHILIPPINES   Pat. No. 1-2013-500012      
                                   Feb. 18, 2011              Nov. 25, 2014                HILL

                   PENDING U.S. and FOREIGN APPLICATIONS 

                          FEATURING LIVE GAMING DATA"

U.S. Pat. Apps:         Filed                   Priority Date                     Inventor 

                        Sept. 24, 2015      Sept. 24, 2013                HILL

PCT Pat. Apps:         Filed                   Priority Date                     Inventor 

                            Sept. 24, 2014      Sept. 24, 2013                HILL



Using the system and methods of the Patent Applications, listed immediately above, to capture and store the sensory gameplay data, and game data of a casino table game, played in a real legally licensed and regulated Land Based Casino, ("LBC"), during real-time by live players; whereas the captured game data may be broadcast or streamed live, by wired or wireless means, to one or more remote game players during real-time, and/or recorded and stored in one or more of the system’s online casino game databases for delayed or on-demand playback, over the Internet, which refers to a specific global internet works or networks.

However, it should be understood that other networks can be used instead of the Internet, such as an intranet, an extranet, a virtual private network (“VPN”), a cell network, a non-TCP/IP-based ne
twork, any LAN or WAN or the like, such that the broadcast and remote play may occur within the casino from which the captured data derives through a kiosk or mobile platform. The video or live multimedia feed may be provided for any reason, such as to enhance the remote play or support the integrity of the gaming data, through any means, such as a video teleconferencing, voice over internet protocols, data transmission method, data compression, multipoint or point to point video teleconferencing or the transmission and play of a recorded file over a global communication network.

These applications disclose one or more methods specific to capturing the real-time video, audio and game data from all types of casino table games, for real-time,  delayed or on-demand broadcast, by wired or wireless means, including TV and/or the Internet, to a limited or unlimited number of remote player's, ("RP").

In particular the focus of these Patent Applications is on online casino Baccarat and Poker games; and to further introduce a new platform for broadcasting online casino table games during real-time to a select group of remote players located in a "LBC", and/or an unlimited number of remote players located at a location remote from the Land Based Casino hosting the play of the game that is being captured for broadcast during real-time and/or captured and stored in a casino game database for delayed or on-demand broadcast to one or more remote players.  

That platform includes the coupling of an online casino system that captures the real-time play of a casino table game, played by real people in a real legally licensed and regulated ("LBC"); whereas one or more, ("RP"), may access the real-time play of a table game, hosted by a ("LBC"), that is broadcast to the remote players by means of a Video Teleconferencing, ("VTC"), Network, and engage in, and wager on, the play of the game.

All of the above “issued and pending” patents are available for purchase or exclusive license from IGSI.

"IGSI" would like to find a small Online Casino Software Developer, ("OCSD), who is interested in partnering with "IGSI" to initially design and program "FLAGSHIP" casino Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker Games, based on the technology and concepts disclosed in "IGSI" issued and pending patents; whereas these games will use real-time game data captured from live casino table games played by real people in a real legally licensed casino. The captured real-time game data will be "streamed live", and/or captured and stored for on-demand or delayed broadcast to a select, or unlimited, number of remote players.  The ("OCSD") may partner with ("IGSI'), or it may obtain an exclusive option from ("IGSI") to license or purchase  ("IGSI") issued and pending patents.

Unique advantages of the systems Baccarat games is that each remote player, whether playing a virtual or real-time Midi-Baccarat or Big-Baccarat game online, (games in which the PLAYER and BANK hands are typically dealt Face-Down, to a game player designated to play, (Face-Up or expose), the PLAYER or BANK hand during a Baccarat game round), if the game is played in a real ("LBC"); is that the online casino system will provide the ("RP") with a more secure, transparent, realistic, entertaining and exciting online gaming experience.  The ("RP") may access the live play of a casino table game and play for free; and/or he/she may play the game using Cash wagers. 

Unique advantages of the systems enhancement of existing casino Poker tables is the addition of a card scanning device and software routine that will improve the security of poker games played at a game table that preferably uses "Scientific Gaming, ("SG")." (Deck Mate II" with Automatic Card Shuffler and Card Scanning Device.)  ("ACS w/CSD).  The system will also provide a unique and secure means to capture the sensory game play and/or game data of the play of a poker game, whereas a freshly shuffled pre-shuffled and scanned poker deck,  is removed from the ("ACS w/CSD), and cut by the game dealer is restacked.  The "face-down" bottom card of the cut deck is passed over a card scanning device, embedded in the game table top, that is coupled to the online casino system which provides the online casino's game deck module with the information that it needs to identify, during real-time, the card suit, value, rank and delivery sequence of each card dealt from the poker deck, a "hand deck", held in the game dealer's hand.  ("SG's") Deck Mate II
("ACS w/CSD") is preferred for use with the system, however it is not fundamental to "IGSI's" concepts.)

By coupling the game tables card scanning device to one or more "VTC" Networks an unlimited number of select groups of remote players may be assigned to the identical game table by means of the host Online Casino Operator's, ("OCO"), website, will be able to wager against the other members of their particular group.  They will, among other things, use the identical game deck inventory used by the players seated at the host "LBC" poker table, and they may see and/and hear the banter and ambient sounds of the players engaged in the play of the game hosted by the "LBC".

The success of this system and method for capturing and broadcasting the real-time play of casino table games, played by real-people seated at a casino game table hosted by a legally licensed "LBC" operator, for real-time or on-demand broadcast to a select group, or an unlimited number of remote players who have accessed the captured play of the games using one or more computing devices, having a display, is not dependent on "Cash Play", (legalized online casino games), as a source of revenue. 

Ultimately the system and methods disclosed in these patents, properly developed and implemented, will garner the lion's portion of the online casino games market offered by "OCO" in any gaming jurisdiction in the world.  That includes those jurisdiction where online casino gaming is legal; and those jurisdictions where online casino gaming is not legal.  The identical system and methods can and will be used to achieve a similar dominance of online casino games offered on Social Media Sites.

Existing OCOs or Online Casino Software Developers should be able to modify, and improve, most of their existing online casino table games for use with IGSI's technology and methods.

The above U.S. Patents, U.S. Patent Applications, and PCT Applications may be acquired by Purchase or Exclusive License Agreement. 


Any "LBC" and/or "OCO" who purchases or acquires an exclusive license to the above issued and pending patent applications, properly develops and implements the technology and methods disclosed in the issued and pending patents above, will find that they have acquired the most cost effective means available to enter and achieve a dominate place in the online casino table games market.



Mr. HILL is also the inventor of several other gaming Patents, related to Online and Land Based Casino card games, are listed below:

  U. S. Patent Number                         Issue Date

               7,699,694                                          April 20, 2010

               6,582,301                                          June 24, 2003

               Des. 432,589                                     Oct. 24, 2000

               6,039,650                                          Mar. 21, 2000

               6,299,536                                          Oct. 9, 2001

               5,722,893                                          Mar. 3, 1998 

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